How Can Nutrishop Help Your Company?

Just a few of the advantages:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Less sick days due to leading a healthier lifestyle
  • Increased employee moral
  • Facilitate company weight loss/body transformation challenges
  • Periodic special offers and discounts for staff and family members
  • FREE custom meal plans, nutritional advice and ongoing, personalized support
  • Access to the InBody body composition analysis for accurate progress tracking
  • Expert guidance and direction not only for employees but their families as well
  • Ensured success of fitness goals
  • Continual access to the Nutrishop Roseville staff for guidance & support
  • Official 2 week check-ins tracking your success

To The HR Director

Lots of companies try and sell you their “miracle pills and powders” that will make you skinny or turn you into an Adonis overnight. The only way to transform your body into the healthy, lean or muscular physique you’ve always wanted is through hard work and trust in certified professionals. At Nutrishop, we are those professionals.

The Nutrishop Santa Monica staff is sports nutrition certified and specializes in complete programs for general health, weight loss as well as overall fitness. We will assist each individual with their fitness goals and will be available for each step of the journey.

Brand new to Nutrishop Santa Monica is our InBody body composition analysis machine.  This machine uses bioelectrical impedance to test body composition.  It provides a print out of body weight, body fat percentage, body fat mass in pounds, muscle mass in pounds, basal metabolic rate and much more!  The use of this machine is absolutely FREE to your employees!

 I look forward to working with you and your staff in the near future! Contact us today!